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About Us

Weibel knows wine! Through four generations and over eight decades, from Switzerland to central California, the Weibel family has consistently produced top quality affordable wines and sparklings. They strive to produce “everyday” wine, with the same humble and hardworking ethics that were instilled in them by their ancestors.

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Our History



Where It All Started...

Rudolph Weibel and his son Fred E. Weibel, Sr., learned traditional tricks of the winemaking trade in their native land of Switzerland. With these time-worn techniques, the pair immigrated to the United States in 1937. Fred and Rudolph spent a year working at Columbia Winery in Vancouver, Washington before settling in San Francisco, California in 1938. There, the two made sparkling wine below the hustle and bustle of Clay Street, in the basement of the William Tell Hotel. As the success of the William Tell Hotel wines grew, so did the reputation of the two Swiss winemakers.


Historical Vineyards in Fremont

The opportunity arose to purchase 100 acres of historical vineyards in Fremont, California—and the Weibel family grabbed it. The Mission San Jose vineyards held a rich history, first being owned in the 1800’s by California Governor, Leland Stanford. The grounds, however, were in a state of decay when acquired by the Weibel family. With a determination to restoring the land to its former glory, the Weibels revitalized the production facilities, replanted the vines, and put Oscar Habluetzel, Fred’s brother-in-law, in charge of winemaking—a position he had held for 37 years.



New Additions & Fun Times

The Weibel family kept up with the changing American palate, offering sweet and fortified wines in the 40s and 50s, and introducing drier wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Sauvignon Blanc in the 60s. In 1959, Weibel pioneered wine called Green Hungarian, which became extremely popular amongst new wine drinkers. During this time their private label sparkling wines continued to thrive.


The Mission San Jose

A snapshot of our vineyards in Mission San Jose. This property was owned by Leland Stanford. Hence the name Stanford Champagne. In the early 1900s, Stanford had a winery there. When our grandfather bought the vineyard, its vines were in disrepair. Weibel took great pride in re-cultivating a thriving vineyard and winery at The Mission San Jose.



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Rooted in Lodi

After 50 productive years in Fremont, Fred Weibel, Jr. relocated the family winery and its long-time employees to the prosperous wine-growing region known as Lodi, California. Adam Poirier, who graduated from California Polytechnic State University, in San Luis Obispo, California is the Winemaker, and Edgar Rodriguez is the Assistant Winemaker.

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