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Cheese & Charcuterie Board with Sauvignon Blanc

This month on Fred Recommends, we’re pairing our Weibel Family Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc with a delicious cheese & charcuterie board. This wine pairs well with all of the components of the board from the salty Marcona almonds, to the charcuterie meats, pepper jelly, and gourmet cheeses. When building your cheese board, try to grab for at least three different types of cheese such as a crumbly aged cheddar, a soft spreadable goat cheese, and a funky blue cheese with added honeycomb on top. Pick your favorite charcuterie meats. We love a simple Genoa salami and aged prosciutto. Add seasonal fresh & dried fruits, green olives, and nuts. Serve with your favorite artisanal crackers and bread and enjoy!

Check out these sweet white wine pairing tips from Wine Folly:

  • Spicy Food: When served chilled, sweet white wines with low alcohol are a great match with hot and spicy food.

  • Salty Food: Sweet white wines combine with salty foods to produce a highly desirable sweet-salty effect.

  • Sour Food: Sweet white wines with high acidity (such as Riesling) can handle sour vinegar-based sauces.

  • Light Meats: Sweet white wines have light-to-medium intensity, so match them with light-to-medium intensity meats/tofu.

  • Sweet Sauces: Asian sauces with sugar, tamarind or honey match well with sweet white wines.

  • No Chocolate: Look for desserts with caramel, butterscotch, fruit, vanilla or coconut to match with sweet white wines.

Read more at Wine Folly!

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