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Picking the Best Wine for a Girls’ Night

Girls’ nights are a great way to unwind and relax with your female besties. However, waiting in line at crowded bars to get drinks can ruin the night. Hence, home is the best place to have a rocking girls’ night with groovy music, delicious food, and wine. Choosing the right wine for the occasion is essential as they help set your party’s mood.

Here’s how to pick the best wine for your next girl’s night.

Alcohol content

When choosing a wine for your girl’s night, consider your wine’s taste, smell, and body. However, the most important consideration is how much alcohol the wine contains. Opt for light-bodied wines with less than 12.5% ABV (Alcohol By Volume) for your girls’ night. Lower ABV ensures everyone can enjoy the drinks without getting drunk or barfing up after two drinks.

Top wines for girl’s night

Moscato d’Asti

Moscato d’Asti is one of the most popular Italian wines in the world. It is famous for its fruity aromas and rich flavors. It is perfect for a girls’ night out where everyone wants to have fun and enjoy delicious food with wine. The prominent aromas in this wine include peach, apricot, fresh grapes, orange blossoms, and lemons.

Rosé wine

Another wine that’s perfect for a girl’s night is Rosé wine. It has a beautiful pink color and a rich, fruity flavor. Rosé wine is made with minimal contact with grape skins that contain the color pigments. Hence, they get their light pink color. Citrus fruits and melons are added to the wine to reach its delicious textures and flavors.

Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is a great option for those not fond of fruity and sweet wines. It is a red wine with aromas of cherry, hibiscus, and rose petals. It has a tangy, rich flavor that is perfect for every occasion. You can eat it with protein-rich foods such as red meat and seafood.

Brut Rosé

Girl’s nights are incomplete without opening a bottle of sparkling wine. Brut Rosé is the perfect sparkling wine for this occasion. They are also known as dry sparkling wines and have a tangy yet sweet flavor with a creamy finish. They are known for their versatility, and you can pair them with various foods and desserts for your girl’s night.

Red blend wines

As the name suggests, these wines are made by blending different grapes to create a flavorful concoction. For this reason, their flavor profile is highly versatile, and you can find wines ranging from full-bodied to smoother, lighter options. Opt for a merlot-dominant blend for your girl’s night, as they are softer and light-bodied.

About Weibel Winery

Wines are as good as the wineries that make them, and when it comes to wineries, Weibel Winery is as good as it gets. Established in 1946, Weibel Winery has been creating the country’s finest wines for decades. You are welcome to visit our stores near your location to taste and buy some of our exceptional creations. You can also order wines online from our store.

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