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Weibel Family Winery – Spanning over eight decades and four generations of winemaking

In 1937, two Swiss winemakers, Rudolph Weibel and his son Fred E. Weibel Sr., left their native Switzerland to embark on a journey to the United States, bringing with them “time-worn techniques” of the trade. After a short stint of working at Columbia Winery in Vancouver, Washington, father and son moved to San Francisco, California in 1938, where they began making sparkling wine in the basement of the William Tell Hotel. Applying their talents and newly learned skills, the wines quickly got noticed and became immensely popular, as did the reputation of the Swiss winemakers. In 1946 the Weibels had the opportunity to buy 100 acres of the historical Mission San Jose vineyards in Freemont, California. Originally owned by California Governor Leland Stanford in the 1800s, the vineyards and winery were neglected and needed total restoration. The Weibels determination and drive led to the replantation of the vines and restoration of the production facilities. The Weibel Family Winery was created and today spans over eight decades and four generations of winemaking.

During the 1940s and 1950s, the Weibels produced sweet and fortified wines, introducing drier wines in the 1960s. Sadly, Fred Sr. passed away in 1996, and that same year his son, Fred Weibel, Jr., grandson of Rudolph, relocated the family winery and its dedicated employees to Lodi, California. Today, Fred Jr.’s son Justin, a winemaker and UC Davis graduate is the COO of the family’s business. Jim Cimarusti holds the position of Vice President, Adam Poirier, who graduated from California Polytechnic State University, is the Winemaker, Edgar Rodriguez is the Assistant Winemaker, and Diana Weibel, Fred Jr.’s sister, is the Special Project Coordinator.

From left to right: Diana Weibel, Justin Weibel, Fred Weibel & Zin

Fred Jr. is still the owner and President of Weibel Family Wines. And together with his son Justin, they produce 17 sparkling wines, three white wines, eight red wines, and two rosés. Diana said, “We own 365 acres in Potter Valley and Redwood Valley in Mendocino County, and we practice sustainable farming.”

Diana explained who their target consumer is. “The backbone of our business is sparkling wine. Our largest target consumers are hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, and events that want a quality yet affordable sparkling wine to serve.” Jim Cimarusti added, “They use our Stanford Brut for their sparkling wine By The Glass business. Our private label is also a big part of our business. Our Weibel Family flavored sparkling wines are sold in numerous retail wine shops and stores throughout the United States.” Diana said, “We specialize in Flavored Sparkling Wines, and our Tasting Room in Lodi offers 14 different flavors. We like to think that we offer something for everyone’s palate.”

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