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Wine 101: 3 Key Things Every Wine Lover Should Know

Whether it’s a dinner at your favorite restaurant or a special occasion, a bottle of wine makes everything better. However, do you wonder how the hotel staff picks the best wine for your dinner and how every wine is unique? If you get curious about these things, you are a wine lover. There are certain things about wine that you should know.

Read on to know what they are.

How can you become a wine expert?

To be a wine expert, having a palette that can detect good wine isn’t enough. You need to know the journey of each wine bottle and its cultural importance to become a wine expert or a wine connoisseur. You can also become a sommelier. A sommelier is a wine expert that works in a fine dining restaurant.

To become a sommelier, you need to pass four levels of certification, during which you learn several things about wine. They include:

  • Wine tasting and service

  • Assisting guests in navigating the menu

  • Learn about the proper wine serving temperatures

  • To pour the standard five-ounce with every pour

  • Selecting the appropriate wine bottle price range

There are various other details about wine that you will learn during the certification course.

How to store your wine bottle?

Wines are delicate drinks, and they only retain their flavor when properly stored. A few things to keep in mind when storing your wine bottle are:

  • If you want to store an unfinished wine bottle, always use a wine stopper to close it. The idea behind that is to prevent any air from entering the wine bottle.

  • The temperature at which you store your wine also plays a vital role in maintaining its taste. You should always store your wine at a cool temperature to prevent oxidation. However, the levels of temperature vary according to the type of wine. You should also know that it is better not to store wines in your fridge as they are a lot colder than what your wine bottles need. Consider investing in a wine cooler to keep your wine bottles in the best condition.

  1. Red wine is best stored at 57-64 degrees Fahrenheit.

  2. White wine is best stored at 46-50 degrees Fahrenheit.

  3. Champagne or sparkling wine should be stored at 41-44 Fahrenheit.

  4. Rose or dessert wine is best stored at 52-55 degrees Fahrenheit.

Why does your mouth go dry when drinking wine?

Many people feel that their mouth goes dry when they drink red wine. You would be surprised to find out that it is because of compounds called Tannins found in grapes’ skin, seeds, and stems. These compounds bind with the proteins in your mouth to create a drying sensation. That’s why it is recommended to eat proteins with red wine.

About Weibel Winery

Wines are as good as the wineries that make them, and when it comes to wineries, Weibel Winery is as good as it gets. Established in 1946, Weibel Winery creates some of the finest premium wines in the country. You are welcome to our stores nearest to your location to taste and buy some of the exceptional creations. You can also order online from our store.

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