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Your Guide to Choose Wines For Different Occasions

No celebration is complete without opening a bottle of wine. Whether it is a family dinner, a date night, or an anniversary gala, the perfect bottle of wine makes everything better. However, choosing the perfect bottle can be challenging unless you are a wine connoisseur. If you also struggle with selecting the right wine for different occasions, you have come to the right place.

Here’s our guide to picking the best wine for every occasion.


Weddings are the ultimate celebration where everyone has fun, and the room is filled with laughter and chatter. On such occasions, the best drinks are bubbly champagne or Prosecco. They have a sweetness that pairs well with most delicacies at weddings, such as oysters, grilled chicken, shellfish, and pickled vegetables. They also have comparatively lower alcohol content, so you will have to deal with fewer commotions, even if people drink over one or two glasses.

Anniversaries and birthday parties

Anniversaries and birthdays are more of a private affair where only your loved ones are present. They are also a celebration of a milestone and hence call for a richer wine selection. If you are having a heavy meal such as red meat or chicken curry and bread, it is good to opt for a rich french red wine that will enhance your appetite. However, if the food will be on the lighter side, opt for a sweet white wine. You can also opt for wines labeled with your birth year to make the occasion even more special.

Date nights

Date nights are when love is in the air, and you want something that adds a tinge of romance to the ambiance. It is always good to start with something light, like a bottle of champagne or dry white wine. And as the night progresses, you can move on to something richer and flavorsome like a Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. You can also choose Pinot Noir and Zinfandel for a softer note.

If you’ll be having some spicy dishes, opt for sweeter and more floral wines like young Riesling. They balance the extra spiciness of your palette nicely. You can order some red wine by the glass (or buy the whole bottle if you’re feeling extra giddy!) if you have red meat during dinner on your date nights.

Cookout Parties

They are a common way to celebrate family get-togethers and weekends with friends at home. Cookout parties often entail barbecued meat, lots of games, and fun. White wines like Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, and Torrontes are ideal for the start of such parties due to their crisp taste and textures. You can move on to Moscato Punch or Sangria as the activities get intense.


For festivals like Christmas and Thanksgiving, mulled wines are the best option as the weather is colder. They are rich and grainy and keep you warm on chilly nights. They also help digest the heavy feasts cooked on such occasions.

About Weibel Winery

Wines are as good as the wineries that make them, and when it comes to wineries, Weibel Winery is as good as it gets. Established in 1946, Weibel Winery has been creating the country’s finest wines for decades. You are welcome to visit our stores near your location to taste and buy some of our exceptional creations. You can also order premium wines online from our store.

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